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Finding the Perfect Fit

 Reference the fitting comments and shoe measurements provided on our product pages and then follow the instructions below on how to find your perfect shoe fit 

Shoe Size Guide

Measure your shoes:

The best way to ensure you’re buying the correct size is to find a very comfortable pair of your own shoes and measure the length of the shoe (from the toe to the heel) from the insole (inside the shoe)
It's important to make sure you are not measuring a different type of shoe. If you are shopping heels, make sure to measure a comfortable pair of heels with a similar toe shape and not a pair of sneakers.
This way, you are guaranteed a nice fit. 

Measure your feet:

1.     Place a piece of blank paper on a flat surface
2.     Place your foot on the paper
3.     Wear the same type of sock or stocking that you plan on wearing with the shoe.  Example: barefoot for sandals, thick socks for winter boots
4.     Using a pencil, place a mark at the end of your heel and the tip of your longest toe
5.     Measure the length between the marks

Use the chart below

& your measurements from above

to find your perfect fit:


Womans Shoe Size Chart