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I’ve been naturally curating these archives for years, selecting the pieces to which I felt the most connection. All the products you´ll find in the shop form a portrait of what I believe is good design. 


In our current market it sometimes feels that the most innovative designs are passed over in favor of more generic patterns, leaving some of the most influential designers behind, lost in time. This retail experiment gives me the opportunity to bring them back to life, and, allows people to discover a gallery of fine craftsmanship. These one of a kind pieces have lasted through the years and continue to influence shoe design today.


To me these archives are not just about the shoes but also about the creative minds behind them. I want to support the creative instinct and encourage sustainability by celebrating the designs and the designers who made them.  Many of the pieces you see showcase designs from earlier in the designers' careers and are signature of their unique sense of style and vision.  


I hope that through this project I can contribute to enlarging the life span of these products as well as the happiness of those who wear them.